2254 km a journey from Palermo to Barcelona

Our history

2254 km trip

2254 are the kilometers between Palermo and Barcelona by road and they represent the life journey of his own Chef Nuncio Cona.

Nuncio Cona performed a trip from Palermo on vespa through France to reach Catalonia. During his trip, he met Pep Nogué in Bellart school and he decided to put into practice the techniques learned. The recipes of dishes and raw material are a tribute of his journey between Italy, France and Catalonia reinterpreted by the chef Nuncio Cona.

Pep Nogué is a restless cook without restaurant. Yes, without restaurant. This voluntary situation combined with his passion, retrieve and explain products and lost varieties of our country, writing books and articles or simple and always gratefull task in kitchens, it has allowed him to delve into a lot of aspects of Catalan cuisine. Tireless and an expert in the kitchen and craft products from his country. Pep collaborates with the famous magazine Cuina, and in various media and radio channels as Catalunya Radio, in The Suplement or a TV program “Els Divendres”. Also he has published a fifteen cookbooks that allow to create new concepts. As is the case with this carte, togheter with Chef Nuncio Cona, has sought and trieddifferentMediterranean products for conjugating in this proposal, increasingly personal and non-transferable.

This special carte never ends, they will enter seasonal proposals and will leave dishes. Our intention is to surprise with our la carte full of a new experiencies, a carte that will make you travel a journey around 2254 kilometers from Palermo to Barcelona. It will be a dialogue of products, techniques and culinary perfomances. So we propose a unique journey you will discover the flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean, which fused, will be a delight for your palate. Each dish will be a unique combination of character, the flavours and products of different lands and sea will go along finding our trip. Visiting special places like never done, through every bite.

Enjoy your trip!

  1. 1. We started the trip in Palermo (Sicily) to taste the best Street food of the Mediterranean, fresh fish, superb meat quality, incomparable citrus, fresh vegetables and exceptional aromatic herbs and spices, as well as excellent pastries, chocolates and famous ice-cream.
  2. 2. We continue and we enter Naples (Campania) , famous for its seafood, vegetables, fruits an cereals achieved their greatest expression in the famous Italian pasta. Also highlights the basil, olive oil and mozzarella di Búfala.
  3. 3. We continue northwestward to reach Florence (Tuscany), where they surprise their vegetables, bread, cheese and fresh fruits. Special highlights are the extra virgin olive oil, truffles and porcini mushroom funghi. In this area come the famous tagliatelle.
  4. 4. We arrived at Genoa (Liguria), in the northwestern Italy that borders with France. The Ligurian cuisine takes the idea of most of the recipes of the Mediterranean diet, culinary dishes union between sea and mountain products. From Liguria comes one of the most typical sauces in Italy which is called Pesto.
  1. 5. Our next destination are the regions of Provence, the Alps and the French Riviera called “La Costa Azul”. Find the variety of landscapes ranging from high mountains to the coast and we will enjoy a Mediterranean cuisine but with specific touches from the Atlantic, such as butter, cream, foiegras, cheeses and more calorie meals.
  2. 6. We enter the Languedoc Roussillon, a land of the culinary specialties, situated between the sea and the mountain that brings fresh fish and great seafood without forgetting the Camargue salt and rice and the amazing Cévennes cheese and chestnuts.
  3. 7. Our trips is getting closer and just arrived to Catalonia to enjoy the Costa Brava in Girona, land of contrasts, next to the coast and the other forests, brings the best herds with the richest coastal production, offering amazing butters from Alt Urgell and great cheese, potatoes, vegetables and will mushrooms from la Cerdaña and the best meat from l’Empordà.
  4. 8. The journey culminates in the Catalan capital: BARCELONA, port of diversity and traditions. His location between the sea and mountains provides you with the best fruits and products. Its gastronomy offers the excellent virtues of the Mediterranean diet and traditional “knowledge”, together with the avant-garde that the city has.

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